The pictures are a mix of mine and Charlotte's. 
Charlotte's pictures are "marked" Ac and number. It can be seen by right-clicking.

At the airport in Singapore


Sunrise over Australia



On the train to Woodstock, on our way to Pauline & Pete, Tapua kennels

Blaxland, on the way to Woodstock

A couple of the nice Tapua lab girls :)

Another creature, not so nice - in the shower - a whitetail spider. Brrrr...

The garden

Puppy pen

Three of the girls. To the right: "excercise" pen for pups :)

Training area


Visiting Cowra War Memorial Centre. Beautiful place, but not as nice story behind it...

Somewhere on the way...

Walking in Woodstock


A dead baby brownsnake...


Yes, Newhamns lane!



Hotel and bar

After work! Thanks for the drinks :)


With Pauline & Pete, by Wyangala dam

Resting in the shade. Kangaroos are good swimmers!

Tapua Heeni Te Anna riding in the back. She is tied to a short chain, so she can't fall over. She enjoyed it :)

On the raceway in ???? with Pauline :)


At Lee-Annes, Suthenskys kennels - Brisbane, QLD

This is "Lani" - out of coat ;-)

Beautiful girl!


"Jasper" - a nice and handsome boy

"Phoenix" - sooooo look-a-like mum "Tammy"!!!!!!

Litte "Saxon" :)

So cute!

At a show - Queensland Puppy of the Year 

Lee-Anne's "Lani" was qualified :)

In the neighbourhood of Lee-Anne's

A Jakaranda tree



At Mandy's and Bill's, Callicoma kennels - Grafton, NSW


On the driveway for a walk. The kelpie-girls are Capella & Whist.

We live here too :)


And we also - the cute donkeys :)

And I.... This is a huntsman - not dangerous, but BIG!

Helloooo!!! Four of the Callicoma kelpies in their big yard


The cookaburra - waiting for a piece of meat



Sweet "Wattle" - Tacker's mum! One of my favourites <3

Callicoma Liqourice. Nice and handsome :)

Callicoma the Prince....?!


All the Jakaranda trees were in bloom and Grafton had the Jakaranda Festival when we were there :)

A Jakaranda flower close up - beautiful!


Having classes in obedience with nice people and dogs! 


A spectator ;-)


On the way to Yamba beach with Mandy 

An Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Eagle nest


A LOT of Flying Foxes!!!!

At the ferry - going over Grafton River


At the beautiful Yamba beach! 

Actually it is Grafton River meeting the ocean here. Warm, salty & nice!!! Loved it!!!

Pictures, pictures.....

Mangrove seads

A blubber :)

Got ya!! 

Low tide


An Illawarra flame tree


In the kitchen, with hungry dogs ;-)

Tracking with Whist

Good girl!!!

Another track





Gordon, the Asian House Gecko :)


On the flight to Cairns

An Island and the Great Barrier Reef

In Kuranda, visiting the Zoo and the Market

 In Kuranda we also met "Fitzroy", "Tacker's" brother, and his owner Stephen.

Nice to meet you both!!!! Thanks for coming!

A Red bellied black snake - urrrkkkk....



At Jan Bradley's place in Kuranda, Far North QLD

On the way up to Kuranda - lookout towards Cairns

Jan's backyard

Jan's house

Jan gave me a real fright.... A plastic snake! NASTY WOMAN!!!!!!!!! Not nice, but she did not know HOW scared I am. Now she knows.......

A pic from Jan's front


A birds nest

Jan's lovely, old "Barron"

Hi there!

Mmmmmm.... Bloody Mary's

Fitzroy Island

On the way to Fitzroy Island

In the rainforest at Fitzroy Island



The beach at Fitzroy

Soon back in Cairns - mangrove swamps - beautiful but dangerous...

On the way to Jan Shaw in Millaa-Millaa, Mountainmist kennels

A stop by Lake Barrine


Our resort in Millaa-Millaa, Riversong Retreat


Down by the river, looking for platypus's!!! We did not see any...

On the way back from the river

On tour with Jan, Nitro & Maggie

"Maggie" & "Nitro"

"Nitro" - AUSTCH Lorroy On the Run - interesting game!!!

Millaa-Millaa falls

Zillie falls

A nice visit too 

Views from a look-out in Misty Mountains


At Jan's in Millaa-Millaa

Nitro, Rosie & Bobby?

Got it! Nitro I think?

Here is the reason why we stayed at Riversong Retreat instead of Jan's.... This girl came in one week after we left. Came in the morning and left for dinner - yeah, great.... Not the first visitor there ;-)

Pic's from Jan's lovely garden!

Dogs is one of Jan's hobbies, gardening the other!!

Very nice kennels for the dogs! They get a walk each morning and afternoon. And also help Jan with the gardening during the days ;-)

"Meg", not sharp, but sweet :)


Sweet, old "Maggie"


After one day back in Kuranda - next stop was Darwin

On the way to Lake Alexander & The Mangrove Boardwalk

Lake Alexander - fresh water and no crocs...

Beside/under the Mangrove Boardwalk. No salties ( crocs ) in sight - thanks ;-)

Sweet :)

Lake Alexander. Swim or not swim? It's only over the road for the crocs....


On the way out to Kakadu N.P.

A big termite mould


The land that is all flooded in the wet season - not sharp - photo from the bus.

South Alligator River

Norlangie Rock - where Crocodile Dundee was recorded

Aboriginal paintings

On the boat at Yellow Waters



A big saltie...

Hmmmm.... Small boat - big crocs....

A King Fisher

Drying the wings


Well, my bed at Royal Darwin Hospital....
I was sick and dried out in a few hours - from the wok the night before? - the day we should leave Darwin for Sydney and the flight home the day after. So I stayed here for 5 days. Charlotte had to got home. Not so funny end of the journey...
Thanks to SOS International - they re-booked the flights back home for me without any trouble :)   

Royal Darwin Hospital. 
Many Australian men let their moustaches grow in November -  for "supporting" men that have prostata cancer. 


MORE WILL COME! Waiting for more pictures from Charlotte.