Australien 2015

As wonderful as always to meet old and new friends! Thank you all for this time <3
As you know you are most welcome here! We are waiting... and waiting...

The photos are not "fixed" - due to a lot of work with two different programs.
The photos are a mix of Annettes and mine, from mobilephones and two cameras.

 On the way Down Under!

The airport in Singapore

Landing in Sydney!


Landed and took the train to Pauline & Pete in Woodstock - as we are used to ;-)
Tapua kennels

Happy dogs :)

One of the playgrounds for puppies

AU GR CH Tegoura Toblerone -"Toby". A nice and handsome boy! Thank you for coming by, Sharryn & Stephen! Nice to meet!

Hotel & bar in Woodstock

The bar-owner had a nice ACD :)

Sheep auction - a very "different" experience

Waiting for work

The cattle area

In the old town Canowindra

On tour in the neighborhood of Woodstock

In Carcoar

Hello! Tapua labs and old "Steven" - BC/kelpie mix


Out walking

A nice view in Woodstock :)

Pups born while we were here :) Good luck in life <3

Thanks for this time, Pauline & Pete!


Further to Lee-Anne in Bathurst for a couple of days


AU CH Suthenskys Strikes At Sunset PT - "Jeremy"

Ashem Girl On Fire - "Elektra"

GRAND & Neut CH Suthenskys Satisfaction HT - "Phoenix", "Tammys" daughter

GR CH Suthenskys Single N Luvn It HNAs HSBs

Jasper in his new collar from Fayo's

Phoenix in her new collar from Fayo's

A walk by the river with "Jeremy", "Elektra", "Jasper" & "Phoenix" :)
Three generations, except for Elektra - who is a relative ;-)

Up on Mount Panorama. A small amount of Tammys ashes is now here <3

Out here is a bit of Tammy´s ashes spread <3



On the way to the Blue Mountains. We stopped by to meet Therese Kropman and her dogs. Nice to meet you and the dogs!
Thank you!

Here is Supreme CH Goodwill Limelight - "Chip" - the father of two litters in Sweden

AU CH Tegoura Like It Like That - "Manu"

In the Blue Mountains

Old pictures in the ladies room

Old hotel

The Blue Mountains. The blue mist comes from raising eucalypt oil

The famous Three sisters and the famous Fia & Lee-Anne :) :) :)

Thanks for this time, Lee-Anne!


From Sydney to Brisbane, staying with Lisa & "Tacker" for a couple of nights

On Bribie Island beach with Lisa & "Tacker"

!!!! Car wash & also a dog wash in the same spot!!!!!


Lisa gave me some warming equipment for cold days in Sweden :)

A possum!!

Neut Ch Callicoma River Runs Red AD JD GD HT - "Ruby". A bit off coat here ;-) She is a daugther of Callicoma Liquorice.
Thanks for coming and meeting us, Sue!

Walking with "Tacker" in his neighbourhood

AU CH Callicoma Maher HIC - "Tacker" - father of three litters in Sweden. Here in his new collar from Fayo´s

On tour in Brisbane with Lisa

Thanks for this time, Lisa!!


Mandy picked us up at Lisas. Here on the way home to Mandy & Bill.

Visiting Sandra Ward on the way.
Thanks for letting us come and for the tasty lunch. Nice to meet you and your dogs!
Also thanks to Jill and Mechelle who came by to see us :)

"Roy" and friends. "Roy" is "Tackers" son. Handsome and nice boy!


Sandra and her kelpies Dudley, Bittoorong Ghost Rider - "Jones", Elbrylach Corduroy - "Roy" & Callicoma Choc Eclair ET - "Megs". 

Callicoma Midnight Special - a son of "Liq" - and Callicoma Rum N Raisin AD JDX GD SPD ET :)
Thank you for coming to meet us, Mechelle!

Neut CH Callicoma At Midnight. Nice to meet you both, Jill!

Thanks, Sandra!


Further on to see more dogs.

A few of them sired by AU CH Callicoma Liquorice, who we have semen coming from to Sweden :)

A-Yatala, a daughter of "Nitro" and Nytta :)


Callicoma Spirit Of The Outback - "Zulu"- a son of "Liq" - and his friend.
They live in the rainforest - so beautiful nature!

Went on again to meet more kelpies on the way. Thank you for letting us come!


Qdos Lennox Head - "Jack" - another son of "Liq", with his breeder and his mother Ashem Red Caviar 

"Jack" and his owner

Qdos Tamarama - "Jacks" sister

A nice pony too :)

Thanks for letting us come! Nice to meet you all!


Next stop at Sharon Anderson O'Mearas - Wilsonia kennels

Need the name for this nice male, Sharon or Mandy....

Wilsonia The Wrangler- "Buddy"! Oh yes!!!!!
He liked to play tug and he was all in for it  - with a big branch that he went to get for the purpose :)
Unfortunately that picture will not load fully :/

Thank you for seeing us!


At Mandy's and Bill's - Callicoma kennels in Grafton

Annette and AU CH Callicoma Liquorice :)

Another Callicoma. Forgot his name ;-)

Puppies playground

AU CH Callicoma Black Friday ET and AU CH Callicoma Trump Card ET - Liq's mother

Dog washing :)

Such mother.....

... such baby ;-)

AU CH Tegoura King Othmountn ET - "Harry" and AU CH Callicoma Linne ET HT
"Harry" is a very playful older man - still loves his ball :)

AU CH Callicoma Wild Marjoram - "Marj" and AU CH Callicoma Trump Card ET - "Trumps"

AU CH Callicoma Clearence - "Blue"

Callicoma Black As Ink - "Inka"

Callicoma Jalapeno - "Chilli"


Nice pictures in the kitchen :)


On the way to Coffs Harbour

Blooming Jacaranda in Grafton



Jihaaa!! Swimming can never be wrong!!

Mandy, Susanne & Annette :)
Susanne is Swedish, but has been living in Australia for a long time.
Nice to meet you!!!

On the way back home - a gang of kangaroos :)


We went to an Agricultural show with a LOT of different things to see! Also a dog show.

A true Aussie and his Koolie ;-) Kelpie/ACD/BC mix




42 degrees - fans for the dogs


Snake show..... I looked - a bit ;-)

Little Snappy

A blackheaded python

A redbellied blacksnake - quite calm...

A brownsnake - not calm - urkkk!

Callicoma Black Java :)

Thank you, Mandy & Bill!!!


On the way to Cairns and surrounds - so meet Jan B, Jan S & Carina

 Annettes Stila is also an exclusive brand of beautyproducts :) :) :)


The Great Barrier Reef from above


Stayed at Queens Court hotel for one night

Fitzroy Island - as nice as always :)

Borderline for stinger season

LOTS of colourful fishes and living corals




Going back in to Cairns


In Kuranda at Jan Bradley's

Sweet "River" :)


Visiting the Zoo

Very blurry - it went up and down ;-) A spider that Annette almost walked in to!!!

On tour up north on the East coast with Jan - we went to Port Douglas. Can't find any pics from there....

Lookout over Cairns - on the way up to Kuranda throgh the rainforest

Thank you, Jan!

On the way with Jan Shaw to Millaa Millaa

Stopping by Lake Barrine for lunch and a walk around the lake in the rainforest


At Jan Shaw´s in Millaa Millaa

AU CH Lorroy On The Run - "Nitro". A really nice and handsome boy :) The father of two litters in Sweden.

Sweet, old "Raven" <3

Sweet April <3

Jan's garden is marvellous!

 Good combo?!
A harmless Huntsman - but we did not know...

At Riversong Retreat in Millaa Millaa - also stayed here in 2012


The wake up view :)

Carina - our host :)


Sorry Jan, could not let it be ;-)
This is the reason why we did not stay at Jan's. One week after Charlotte and I left Australia in 2012, Jan got this visitor in to her house. Harmless - comes in the morning and leaves for dinner, Jan said ;-) Oh yes - good enough for a person with snake fobia - eh, not... :D

Walking in the rainforest with Carina

Carina´s & Rob´s sweet dogs :)

On tour with Jan

A koolie puppy <3

Millaa Millaa falls

Zillie falls

Ellinjaa falls

Thanks for this time, Jan & Carina!!!


On the way to Perth, to Sandria & Paul with family


Good oldies!

AU GR CH Sandsprite Land Down Under - "Aussie" :)


"Matilda"- AU CH Sandsprite Walzing Matilda


AU CH Suthenskys Supernatural - "Trinity"


Ashem Anzac Poppy -"Poppy"

We went to se a park and there was also an "Avocado-day"

The cute cats :)

Evening show


Annette and Sarina Laurins Wingdari-girl. Forgot the full name...


Perth by night - photo taken from King´s Park

 "Nera" - AU CH Sandsprite Maybe I'm A Natural with her newborn pups to "Jasper" - GR CH Suthenskys Single N Luvn It.
Had the experience of seeing them be born :)
Good luck in life babies <3

Out for a walk in Sandrias neighborhood

Visiting King´s Park in daylight

All the soldiers that died in the war...


One tree for each soldier!

In Fremantle


A breewery where we had lunch

Waiting for lunch, tasting yummie ciders and beer :)


Jihaaa!! In to the Indian Ocean!


Badkrukan... ;-) The coward... :D



More freezers ;-) :D


Nice and calm little town :)


With Sandria for her classes in obedience

A kelpie/dingo mix - nice and friendly

Thank you, Sandria & Paul!!


On the way to Adelaide and futher to the Riverland of SA - to Kylie & Kevin in Berri

Perth Airport, X-mas decoration


On the way to Kylie & Kevin. Burnt area...

Another type of bush - lower - called scrub

Visting the wineyard Banrock station - having lunch and of course... wine :)


Jordan :)

A view from Banrock - the Murray River

On tour by the river Murray

"Morgan" - AU CH Sandsprite Maybe A Conquest


"Kelly" - AUCH Illoman Rosemallee

Mmmmm :)

Mmmmm :)


Loxton Historical Village


Nice family ;-)


At the Woolshed Brewery tasting this and that :)

Another nice koolie

Hmmm... Right ;-)

Yummie :)

On tour to the old Overland Corner Hotel

The dogs went with us


The Mallee Fowl Restaurant


One of the guests :)
A blue tounge lizzard. Harmless - and keeps the snakes away :)


Barra & roo were the meals for this evening.

Mmmmm - good!

The Never Never Tasting Platter - with roo, croc and other yummie things! A bit already gone in this pic ;-)

Must look for the name.... A tasty bird ;-)

ALL food was GREAT :)
THANK YOU, Kylie & Kevin!!

Paris :)

Jordan :)

On a boat tour on the Murray river - nice views. No crocs, no sharks :)





Lake Bonney


At Kylie´s & Kevin's place

The Guinea pigs area

The emus Olga & Uluru



Hot day! 42, I think.
Lucky there was sprinklers and cold wine ;-)

Dinner - a bit cold evening



Sleeeeeping on Annettes lap by the fire <3

Bed warmers ;-)

Thank you, Kylie & Kevin with family!


Hope so see you all again within a few years! ;-)

And you are very welcome here!