Canada 2017

Annette and I went to Canada to see Kelly and her family on two and four legs. We had a wonderful time! Talking about breeding, training, doing training in tracking and obedience, saw Scent Hurdle Racing, met nice people and of course a lot of sightseeing.
Thank you so much Kelly & Ed!!! You know you are most welcome here!


Pictures from my phone camera, Annettes phone camera and my big camera.
Some phone pictures a bit blurry, but still great memories. Will fill in with more pic´s by time.



First problem.... We had missed that we needed VISA for just bumping down in Seattle and than up again, for the last flight to Calgary.... Took a LOT of time! Almost missed the flight! What a fright!


But... We got here and we were WELCOME!


Coming in over Greenland






At last - in Canada :)
I had a kind of questioning in the border control.....

Kelly´s and Ed´s house


Sweet Nala

Three kelpies and an old collie lady are living here. Sandsprite Tulla Warrah -"Tula", her daugther "Adi" - Clearwater Dream N Down Under and Callicoma Red Hot Tamale - "Tomy". 
"Adi" is bred by Kelly from "Tula" and frozen semen from Lee-Anne´s "Jasper", Suthenskys Single N Luvn It. "Tula" is from Sandria in Australia and "Tomy" is from Mandy.
"Grace" - Clearwater Caught You Lookin´ is bred by Kelly.
All very nice dogs!!

Here is a link to Kelly's website


Morning cuddles with Tomy :)











Adi sleeeeeeping





Naugthy Nala :)




If I stare enough............. Tula trying to get one :)


The brownies :)


Sweet, old Grace :)





Grace´s son. Sorry, forgot his name..



Very tasty cheese!


Out with Kelly for sightseeing and shopping




YUMMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spicy mango!



Hi :)


Many different stores


The outstanding Bass Pro Shop! A Mecka for an outdoor person :o To be honest, I don´t really like stuffed animals standing, but well, they ARE beautiful.










Dogs camo suit :)












Walks around Kelly´s home



Morning walk in the off leash area



Nose Hill, home for coyotes and cougars :o And other sweet animals as skunks and sticky little creatures ;-) Don´t remember the name... KELLY?!



Calgary City in the horizon





On tour to the Canadian Rocky Mountains and Banff




Half the price to here!






Ed, Kelly and I



Annette is happy :)





Annette and I said WAOW! Take a photo, take a photo! WAOW! Look at that! Unfortunately it is not possible to see how magnificient it was from a picture..... What a fantastic nature!!


Kelly and Annette


The small town Canmore




In Canmore



In Canmore











Out in the Rockies by Spray Lake








Wanna´ swim in Spray Lake, Ed :D






Absolutely amazing!!!!!









In Banff



Banff Springs Hotel




You always need to eat! Elk burger, yummie!

























Nice! Water from the hot springs in Banff



Hot spring outdoors......




....and indoors


One picture from the historical "museum"




Outside the hot springs, Ed and his new car ;-)








On the way back home


A COYOTE!!!!!!! Just about 10-15 meters away! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!







Wild sheep!




So sweet!





Hmmmm..... What are YOU looking at?!









Lake Minnewanka








Another sheep on the way home








Out meeting Kelly's friends. So nice! And two kelpies, Callicoma Tinkerbell and Callicoma Triumph from Mandy in Australia. They are the black and brown girls in the front. Doing some training and learning what Scent Hurdle Race is. We saw many good dog trainers during the visit. Kelly herself is a very talanted trainer!


This gang was tracking and doing scent hurdle racing. They are teams that compete side by side, two teams in the time. Three or four in each team. Kelly - HELP! ;-) Jumping 4? was it? low jumps in high speed and then grabbing their own dumbell, that is placed with three others, with each owners smell on it. Then jumping back in high speed. So scent discrimination in high tempo is no problems for these dogs. Very interesting to see :)


Tula.... Eh... :D :D



Meeting this cutie at the indoor training in the weekend :)



Callicoma Triumph and Callicoma Tinkerbell



The prairie






I got the opportunity to track with Kelly´s girls :) Here is Tula.



Annettes new boyfriend :P

Out eating with Kelly and Ed. Really nice food and wine here! The beef was yummie!











At the Olympic Stadium




The Swedish girls we met at the airport is WINNING :)







On tour in Calgary City











Kelly and I, up in Calgary Tower



SCARY to look down through the glass!








I did it :P



Kelly too




A few panoramic pics

























B V Toasted Caramel is good





Bought this nice mug at the airport. Unfortunately it did not like the washing machine.... Well, I think that I should have figured that out....







We had a really great time with you and your friends. Hope to see you here soon.....