AU CH Lorroy On the Run landed here January 29:th 2016!
Welcome "Nitro"!

6,5 years old. Met him again 2015 :) Still in love!!

Co-owned by me, Maria Dahlberg - Meringa´s kennels, Pia Juntunen - Tullarbackens kennels, Annette Rydebrink and Charlotte Rinaldo/James Baluch - where he is living.


Nitro has International grade B in Australia and also checked here by SKK: 
B:B & elbows: 0:0
Hips picture and certificate

Breeder: Julie Dickinson-Franks, Lorroy kennels, Australia
Owner: Jan Shaw, Mountainmist kennels, Australia

MH 2016-05-28

First show done in May. He got CQ & BOB :)
Shown also at the Kelpiespecialty with CQ.




1 year of age - May 2010



We first met Nitro in Australia 2009 - a very nice and open dog! At that time ~ 8 months of age.

This is his owner in Australia, Jan Shaw's, words about him:
Nitro is a clown, very outgoing, sometimes naughty but always thinks himself funny ....quite a character!


I met Nitro once again in 2012 and 2015. Still the same good feeling as the first time I met him, as a very young boy, in 2009! 
A social and very nice dog! Likes to catch the ball and run around with it. He is not scared at all of the thunderstorms - yes, storms - not "only thunder" - he lives in tropical Millaa-Millaa... Far North Queensland in Australia.
Good to know this, as the kelpies in Australia are not beeing mentaltested.


Nitro has 2 sons - from a natural mating - born at Mountainmist kennels in Australa - one still in Australia and one living in Holland.
Both hipscored: A & 3:3.
"Bobby" is also scored here: B/B & 0/0.

He has one litter at Busligans kennels - from frozen semen. 3 girls - the tricolour :) One black, one chocolate and one fawn.
All with MH done, All three HD- & ED-free.
Unfortunately Busligans Vera Black was put down after a long time with illness after a tick disease :(
No one from this litter has been bred from.

His third litter is born at Camilla Hallgren's - from frozen semen. 
She leased KORAD Vickulas Nytta for a litter and got 7 kids :)
2 chocolate boys, 1 blue boy, 1 black girl, 1 chocolate girl, 1 blue girl and 1 fawn girl.
2 girls went to Finland.

All 7 are scored. 6 with A's and 1 with B - good B's. All with ED 0.

All have done MH-test. Very playful and all are gunsteady.

The brown girl was my pup for the use of Nitros semen. She is co-owned with Annette Rydebrink and will hopefully be bred a couple of litters from.
 A-Yuluma, "Yra"
11 months old


All 10 of Nitros kids from his two litters here in Sweden

Beskrivning Resultat Medel Avvikelse
Nyfikenhet/Orädsla 3,3 3,4 -0,1
Aggressivitet 1,8 1,9 -0,1
Socialitet 3,8 3,7 0,1
Jaktintresse 2,8 2,5 0,3
Lekfullhet 3,9 3,4 0,5

 Maria, Pia and I plan to use him for one litter each - either naturally - or from frozen semen, that we plan to collect. We are not in a hurry using him.
If still fertile for our bitches, that frozen semen will be for sale to Europe - if he is not used to the limit already.

Nitro is not available anymore :(
A murmur from the heart was dicovered at 7,5 years of age and an ultra was done, showing an early stage of mitralis endocardos or also called MVD - MitralValveDegerneration.
Luckily it is not passed to all progeny, so we will wait with eventual breeding from his kids til they are a bit older. Girls at least 3 years of age and boys can be older.
Of course doing heart ultra before breeding!

LUCKILY, Nitro will live with this for a few years more without symtoms <3



 Sire: AU GRANDCH Mountainmist Mandingo HT PT, "Jack"

Photo: Mandy Sansom 

Dam: AUCH Lorroy Silly Mid On 

His father is approved in herding test: HT and also approved in the next level PreTrail: PT, which means that he is approved for competitions in herding. Jack is scored in Australia - hips 2:1 
( probably  A ) & ED 0:0. He also has eyes clear in 2005.
Jack is also the sire of Suthenskys Seduction, "Lexi" - " Tammys" daughter.

Nitro's mother is also hipscored - 3:5  International grade B. 


Link to daddy "Jack"

Nitros brother & sister: Lorroy In The Red Zone, "Blade" & AUSTCH Lorroy Passing Fancy, "Fancy"

More about Nitros relatives at DOGZONLINE

His son "Bobby"

Daddy "Jack"

Mum "Elle"

Sister "Fancy" 

Halfsister "Pepper" 

Uncle Lorroy Sticky Wicket 

Brother AUSTCH Lorroy Game On