INT = International NORD = Nordic SE = Swedish NO = Norway SF or FIN = Finland AUST = Australian
U = Show
B = Work
L = Obedience
Ag = Agility
Gk vallh.pr. = Approved shepherdingtest
TJH = Resque or Militarydog
KORAD = Approved big mentaltest + "good enough looking" + HD OK + normal testicles,
MH = Mentaldescription for dogs 12 - 18 months of age done. ( Can also be done over 18 months of age ). MH is no title.


Hipscoring in Sweden

The Swedish ( EU ) system for hipscoring is a bit different compared to the Australian system. Here grade A & B are OK - and ua from the old system, grade C is the mildest grade of HD, D medium & E the worst. An Australian dog scored 3:3 would probably be a grade B here, but is a grade A in Australia. 4:4 points would also be B here, depending on where the points are placed, but more points at any side would probably be C. If one side is good but not the other, the “bad” side will stand for the finally result; for example, B+C = C.


All kelpies bred from must be scored and we only breed from grade A & B.
In some other European countries they also breed from C´s.

Before 2000 the system was a bit different.
Ua=OK, grade 1 was the mildest grade and so on.

We also do elbows now and than. Just to check…….!
Artros ua / ED ua stands for OK.

We are also checking knees ( patellas ), as there have been a few cases of luxation. Not many, but it is good to check.



In Sweden we compete in "work", obedience, agility, herding and show. There are other competitions too, for example tracking for huntingdogs.

"WORK" : This is a mix of one obediencepart and one part of "special-work". There are 4 classes; level 1 is the beginners class and level 4 is the eliteclass. The "special-work" to chose of are ; tracking, searching for people or messagedog . ( Protectiondog too, but this does not fit a kelpie that good ). 
In eliteclass the dog can earn the 3 certificates for Swedish Workingchampion= SBCH.
If I chose to compete in for example tracking/obedience with my dog, we have to get approved and have a minimumscore in each class on the way up to elite. If I also want to compete in searching/obedience, we have to start again from level 2 in that and work the way up. The same thing goes for all "special-work".

In eliteclass the track is made by a stranger ( a member of that localclub where we compete that day ), 1500 meters long, 100 - 120 minutes old, up and down hills, in the forrest, in swamps, over fields......and with 8 sticks for the dog to find. We follow the dog in a long leach. All classes exept level 1 includes laying down with gunshots behind in the obedienceprogram.

OBEDIENCE : 4 classes too; 1, 2, 3 and elite. 3 1:st prices in eliteclass: Swedish Obediencechampion = SELCH.

AGILITY : Not my sport.......... Well, SEAgCH = Swedish Agilitychampion, that I know............!

HERDING : Not many kelpies compeds in herding, but there are a few now and then doing shepherdingtest. 
Gk vallh.pr. = approved shepherdingtest.

SHOW: Not so much to tell, but the dogs get a qualityprice before they competes against each other. ( 1:st price = very good, 2:nd price = good, 3:rd price = "ok" ). Only dogs with 1:st prices competes further. 
To get the certificate the dog must have worked : approved in level 2 in "work", or shepherdingtest, or TJH = resque or militarydog. 
3 certificates : Swedish Showchampion = SEUCH
Dogs that has not been working can earn CK : championquality and go up for BIR / BIM (BOB / Best of opposite sex). Dogs placed 2, 3, 4, 5 after the certificatewinning dog can also get CK, if the judge really likes them. If the judje don´t think that any of the dogs are of championquality, no one gets the certificate.

MENTALTESTS we also have. MH and "big" mentaltest ; korning. For the title KORAD the dog shall be approved in a big mentaltest + "good enough looking" + HD OK and normal testicles     ( kryptorchids not approved for the title, but they can be approved in the mentaltest : gk mentaltest).