AUST CH Callicoma Maher HIC


Born 2004-07-05
e. AUSTCH Bushechoes Fox Whiskey & AUSTCH Spectre Blacklock

Hips: 1:1 / Australian grade 0 & International grade A
Elbows: 0:0
Full dentition
48 cm

Also checked by Lars Audell: HD grade A - see HÄR

Breeder: Mandy Sansom, Callicoma kennels, Australien
Owner: Lisa Murray, QLD, Australien

Bigger pedigree


Tacker likes to work! He is being trained in agility, obedience & herding.


Tacker has 2 litters in Sweden. A litter of 3 pups - 1 male & 2 females - at Busligans kennel, born 2010-01-29!
Mother: KORAD SEUCH SEBCH Busligans Geisha
All 3 with HD grade A & ED 0-0. 
All 3 with MH done. The girls have passed the big mentaltest for KORAD.

The second litter is in my name - Vickulas kennels - with KORAD Vickulas Nytta. 
T-litter: 6 pups - 4 males & 2 females - born 2011-11-25!
MH done for 5 of them so far. Nice dogs.
3 of them has passed the big mentaltest: To Do, Tage and Tinka. 
Tarana has passed the Finnish mentaltest.
All scored, 5 with HD grade A & 1 with B. All of them ED 0-0.
So all matured progeny from Tacker that are scored are HD- & ED-free.

One of Tacker's sons:

Vickulas To Do SPHI SÖKHI -"YODA"

Tacker also has 3 litters in Australia,Here a picture from Callicoma kennels.
 Mother is
AUSTCH Callicoma Ruby Red CCD AD JD ET HT

He also has one litter at Oatland and one at Elbrylach kennels


KORAD TJH Vickulas Klura was inseminated with Tacker's semen from the first collection.
Unfortunately she stayed empty.


Tacker's sister AustCH Callicoma Linne ET HT is scored with the result:
HD 0:2 / International grade B & ED 0:0

Tacker's brother AustCH Callicoma Blacksmith ET HT with HD 3:3 / International grade B & ED 0:0

2 from Tacker's sister Linne's first litter are scored with the results: 
Callicoma Black Friday - hips 1:1, International grade A, & ED 0-0 och Callicoma Sixth Sense, scored in  Finland - hips grade B & ED 0-0. 

Tackers daugther with Ruby; Callicoma Trump Card is scored with HD 0:0 International grade A & ED 0:0. 


All Tacker´s kids and grandkids that have been scored are HD- & ED-free so far.


As we got so much semen in the second import - also to have just in case - and have got two litters that can go further, we have sold the rest of it. 
It will be enough for three litters and it is sold to:

Evallens kennels, Sweden

Dutch Dynamite kennels, The Nederlands

Red Radimus kennels, Poland


Lisa's words about her dog:

Tacker is bold and assertive, and yes sometimes bossy with other dominant males, but not aggressive, by any means he is a big sook. Also as you mentioned he is confident too, when it comes to noises or storms Tacker is not scared at all, takes it all in his stride. I believe I would be correct in saying he is a very well balanced dog in both confirmation and temperament.

 Tacker är allmänt orädd och framåt/självsäker, och ja ibland "bösig" mot andra dominanta hanar, men inte aggressiv. Han är tillitsfull/säker och orädd för ljud & stormar, tar allt med ro. Jag tror att jag korrekt skulle kunna beskriva honom som en mycket balanserad hund både exteriört och mentalt.


Vi träffade Tacker där nere i november 2009! En riktigt härlig kille!! Samarbetade glatt med mej i lite träning, jagade och bar gärna sin boll och var allmänt mysig :)) 
Han ser också trevlig ut. Bra typ, varken tunn eller tung, med trevligt huvud och bra vinklar.
Här är lite bilder från mötet med honom: 

Foto: Stina

Foto: Stina

Foto: Stina


Bilder som vi har fått från Lisa:

Lisa & Tacker in a hold at Herding Instinct Test


Like his mother - a waterdog :)

Tacker's parents, "Pete" & "Wattle"

Sweet, lovely "Wattle"!! I have met her twice :)

Pete, when we met him at Kagaru kennels

Baby Tacker & the windmill

Tea-time :)

Some of Tackers realatives at DOGZONLINE

His daugther "Trumps"

Brother "Smithy"

Sister "Linne"

Linnes daugther "Friday"


Tacker's certificates